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Funani Technology

December 27, 2018


A set of standard tools has to be selected among a wide set of possibilities. What type of database to choose for storing and retrieving Metadata efficiently and scale with large amounts of data?


  • Free and open source and running under Windows and Linux.
  • Capable of handling small binary data (the big stuff is stored on the filesystem) but many features require small amounts of binary data to be stored in a database.
  • Fast & scalable enough
  • .NET interface


SQL databases

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

NoSQL databases

Various non RDBMS systems excluded are the Graph DBs that build a class on their own in my opinion.

Graph Databases

[http://wiki.github.com/tinkerpop/gremlin Gremlin] is a kind of ORM for Graph DBs. Gargamel also seems of interest.

The NoSQL tools allow a great scalability and easy synchronisation (replication) that can be used also for continuous backup purposes.

A MongoDB and CakePHP solution is currently used for the proof of concept.

Interesting links

A collection of the most interesting links I found on the topic.


HBase Vs Cassandra

HBase Vs CouchDB

MongoDB Vs CouchDB

Graph Database

Architecture of famous websites


By using a NoSQL solution there is no need of an ORM.

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-Relational_mapping http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object-Relational_mapping]


The only ones I know well are NHibernate and Castle ActiveRecord. Therefore I would tend to use them. But it may not be the best solution. I removed the non open source tools.


  • ADO.NET Entity Framework, Microsoft's ORM (released with .NET 3.5 SP1)
  • Language Integrated Query#LINQ_to_SQL|LINQ to SQL, Free, .Net framework component
  • SubSonic, free ORM and code generation tool backed by Microsoft

My favorites

  • NHibernate, open source
    • Castle ActiveRecord, ActiveRecord for .NET, open source
    • Fluent NHibernate, open source and free
  • DataObjects.Net, open source, commercial


  • Atlas (software)|Atlas,open source
  • Business Logic Toolkit for .NET, open source
  • Crystal Mapper, open source
  • Developer Express, eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO)
  • Euss, open source
  • Habanero.NET|Habanero, Free open source Enterprise application framework with a Free Code Generation Tool
  • iBATIS, Free open source
  • Neo (object-relational toolset)|Neo, open source
  • ObjectMapper .NET, GPL and commercial license
  • Picasso (software)|Picasso, Open-Source ORM Framework & Code Generator (Relational & Xml), free with Commercial support available
  • Telerik OpenAccess ORM|OpenAccess, free or commercial
  • TierDeveloper, free ORM and code generation tool
  • Sooda, open source; BSD license
  • Subsonic (software)|Subsonic, open source
  • Logic Data Access, open source