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Network Check Suite

What to do if you want to check the network activity on one computer. You can use WireShark, a great tool that does anything you need but in many cases, it is quite tedious to configure or resource consuming. For cases where WireShark is oversized, some simpler tools are welcome. This tool suite cannot do everything but is easy to use. It relies on the same low-level library used by WireShark to provide access to the ethernet packets: PCAP.

The tool is written using WPF and thus requires a .NET environment (at least 3.5)


  • Ping dialog
  • Listing hosts and transferred data size and packets from and to them
  • Detect packets that came to the NIC and were intended for other computers (bad packets)
  • Persistent listing and not a display of the current activity (like in TcpView from sysinternals)
  • Support copy/paste to copy selected list items to other applications

Examples of use

  • You may use it to check if all connections use the setup proxy and detect transfers bypassing the proxy.
  • If you are in a switched network you might also be interested in knowing if the switch is routing the packets properly. That means having the list of bad packets empty.


The tool does not come with an installer, just download the zip and unpack it where you like and tun the executable.
  1. Download [54KB, 2010-02-02] and unpack it
  2. Make sure you have the prerequisities installed (see below)
  3. Run NetworkCheckSuite.exe

How to use

  1. In the first tab select the NICs you are interested in spying
  2. Switch to the TCP/IP tab and click on start
  3. The lists fill themselves as data transfers occur
  4. You can copy list contents and paste them into other applications for reporting