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Common shortcuts

January 01, 2019

Common shortcut

Key names

  •   = Control key
  • = Break key (usually in the top-right area of the keyboard)
  • = Print screen key (usually near break)
  •    = Windows key (or linux key on some keyboards!)


How to bring back a window out of screen: right click in the task bar, in the context menu choose Move, then press the left cursor key. Then you should be able to see the window and make it visible again.

Usual application shortcuts

  •    copy
  •    paste
  •   cut
  •    select all
  •    print dialog
  •    new window
  •    new tab
  •    undo
  •    redo
  •    open, load
  •    save, store
  •    zoom in
  •    zoom out
  •          help
  •          rename
  •      search
  •          refresh

Operating system

  •            close application
  •           close window
  •                 move forward            ( + Shift -> move backward)
  •           switch application      ( + Shift -> changes direction)
  •   switch application inside a remote desktop session
  •             open explorer
  •             minimize all windows
  •             open the run dialog box
  •             search for a file
  •             show the desktop
  •         show the system properties
  •  start the task manager
  •    start the task manager inside a remote desktop session


  •              make a screenshot of the whole screen
  •   make a screenshot of the whole remote desktop screen
  •        make a screenshot of the active window
  •   make a screenshot of the active remote desktop window


  • 5 times pushed:         sticky keys on/off
  • key down 8s:      filter keys on/off
  • down 5s:              toggle keys on/off