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Official blueprints

These are linked back for details into this WIKI. They contain additionally a state information and implementation status.

List of blueprints on launchpad

Core components

Modular design of the Funani platform

The core components are mandatory for the system to work. Other components build on this functionality and extend the possibilities of Funani. The core components have to be developed and tested with special care as they are vital for the system to operate correctly. Before adding extra modules in this category, a way shall be searched to implement the new module as an add-on module.

Global specifications

Important base modules

Even quite basic and important components can be implemented as add-ons on the core system.


These modules allow a previewing of the file contents to be downloaded. This is provided for performance reasons. These modules can implement their own cache to operate at higher performance.

  • Thumbnail preview of images
  • Video preview of video files
  • Music hearing a few seconds of music

Tagging extensions

Specific extensions to the core tagging. These are specialized for a given content. For example location tags contain geo-coordinates attached to a file. This can be a precise location or an area.

Searching components

Extend the search capabilities of the core modules.

Viewing components

Make the visualization of data nicer.

Artistic components

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